"There are two reasons why Elizabeth Hodes is our new favorite baker. Not only does she create some of the most exquisite handcrafted sugar decorations we've seen, she also uses local organic ingredients whenever possible...Her specialty is extremely lifelike hand-sculpted sugar flowers, such as hydrangeas and daffodils, and other meticulously detailed edible art.Looking at her handiwork--shiny blown sugar grapes, 3-D gumpaste dragons, delicate rice paper butterflies--it's hard to believe this virtuoso is entirely self-taught, simply by method of trial and error." --Brides New York

"A Princeton and music conservatory grad, Hodes now indulges her creative side through her original, detail-oriented cakes.Her ultra-realistic designs feature innovative pairings of sugar creations such as lime wedges and straw, gum-paste roses with pepperberries, and waterlilies with cattails, and she uses organic, locally grown ingredients whenever possible.“ --New York Magazine Weddings Issue

"If there was ever a degree in cake artistry, Elizabeth Hodes of Elizabeth Hodes Cakes in New York City, would own a doctorate in the art form.The pride and intricate, realistic detailing that she exacts on every one of her wedding cake creations will leave you breathless and speechless, all at the same time.It's not just a cake that Elizabeth Hodes creates for you, it's an edible memory." --America's Bride Magazine

"Of all the vendors I worked with on my wedding, I was most confident in Elizabeth. I wanted a cake that would be classic and elegant without being predictable or uninspired.I felt comfortable letting Elizabeth exercise full artistic control. I was thrilled at the results--it was the prettiest cake I've ever seen and it tied everything together beautifully! My groom (not one to notice those things) was very impressed, and some of our guests were shocked that the flowers weren't real. I think it was the sugar dew drops that really threw everyone off.I would recommend Elizabeth without hesitation. I feel like I was able to offer my guests a piece of art (which tasted good too!)" --Katherine J. Glading, Houston TX

"Our wedding cake was a fusion of both cultures in both design and flavor. Elizabeth Hodes created a beautiful silvery-blue pagoda inspired cake with gold Indian paisley prints and Chinese cabinetry-inspired latticework and chinoiserie motifs. It was decorated with my favorite flower, orchids, in Indian carved gold-toned vases, and topped with a golden Double Happiness Chinese character. The flavors included a Taiwanese-inspired Almond Lavender with Pineapple and Coconut, and an Indian –inspired Pistachio Cardamom with Chocolate Ganache. Elizabeth was extremely pleasant to work with throughout -- she offered incredibly thoughtful and creative ideas to help us brainstorm a design and the flavors. She then put together several very detailed design sketches for our cake ahead of production. We loved all of them and chose our favorite. On our wedding day, it was incredible to then actually see the design come to life in our actual wedding cake. It was stunning and many of our guests told us how beautiful the cake design was and how delicious it tasted. We felt fortunate to have Elizabeth put her heart and talent toward creating such a beautiful cake for us!"  --Arif and Vanessa, New York NY

"The most fabulous cake I’ve ever seen or tasted, regardless of whether it was my own wedding or not!”--Margaret L. Harrison, Savannah GA

“Elizabeth’s cake creations are extraordinary. There is no way you could be unhappy with the final result. Her taste and talent is astonishing -- my wedding cake was so beautiful, you could look at the hand painted flowers for hours, marveling at the detailing on each petal. It's hard to believe they are really made by hand! But beneath the beautiful appearance was also a delicious tasting cake -- I am already looking forward to my first anniversary so I get to have another slice!” --Tuesday S. Reitano, New York NY

"Dear Elizabeth, I wish I could find the words to properly describe the wonderful response we received from your King Kong cake design for my daughter's wedding.Your mastery of the art is superb.The carving of Kong with the damsel in his hand was extremely detailed.Many of our guests were astounded to learn that you carved the figure.I appreciate the hours of planning required to create a cake like this and could never have imagined how you could take an idea in my head and bring it into a beautiful reality.The detail of the Empire State Building, the careful planning to create a structure that contained multiple edible layers was a worthy challenge that would bring most engineering students to their knees with sugar induced giggles and tears. ...With each phone call and discussion you gave me supreme confidence through your quick grasp of my dreams and silly ideas.Your early designs exceeded all concepts my daughter and I had discussed and it was very quickly clear we needed to let loose of the reins and watch your talent create a wonderful masterpiece.Most important, you captured the family joke about the groom's sunglasses and delighted everyone with that subtle touch." --Michael Hiner, Houston TX 

“Elizabeth makes the best cakes I have ever tasted. Her attention to detail and interest in pleasing every client makes her the best cake artist in my book.” --Alexandra S. Barrage, Arlington VA

“Every cake (Elizabeth) makes is a unique and visually extraordinary treat...Her sense of detail and harmony is magical!” --Sonja Francis, New York NY

“My request was kind of strange: emulate my husband’s family’s citrus orchard. Elizabeth’s vision was perfect--she listened to what it felt like to be at the orchard and she created art from the sensations I described. My husband and I were thrilled with her work and everyone delighted in Elizabeth’s magic! She brought every bit of tenderness from that special place to our wedding.” --Laura T. Lourenco, Silver Spring , MD

“The cake could not possibly have been more perfect - [it] was precisely what I wanted.Throughout the night, guests did not stop taking pictures of it and marveling at the detail...I kept getting asked who made that cake.Nobody could believe you could eat it until they cut it up and it was delicious to boot. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with and for making the most perfect cake that I could have imagined.” --Lisa L. Seiff, New York NY

“Dear Elizabeth,I want to thank you for the truly magnificent wedding cake you decorated for Kathy and Ethan's wedding. Every time I look at the photos I notice new things to appreciate.The water lilies, so exquisitely fragile, appeared even more beautiful and fresher than the prettiest ones I've ever seen in nature. The tiny cattails added a slightly stronger touch. The lily pads with their sparkling dewdrops were so realistic it was almost impossible to resist touching them "just to see for myself."The tiny hand-painted goldfish on the side of the bottom layer added the perfect tiny bit of humor. But the truly magical touch was the utterly realistic sugar "water puddles" that were apparently left behind when the water lilies and cattails somehow migrated to the cake. Again, I thank you for a most perfect and uniquely personalized wedding cake.“ --Jan Johnson, Princeton NJ

“Elizabeth, The cake was FABULOUS!!! Not only was it beautiful, understated and perfect, it also tasted terrific! Thank you so much!” --Karene I., Maplewood NJ